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Beginning Chinese Reader. Part1

Год выпуска: 1979 г. (2nd ed)
Автор: DeFrancis J.
Категория: пособие для чтения
Издатель: Yale University Press
Язык курса: Английский
ISBN: 978-0300020601
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Кол-во страниц: 1026
Описание: Шикарное пособие для привыкания к китайским иероглифам. Крупный шрифт, много упражнений, текстов. Тысяча страниц - это только половина начального уровня! В интернете упоминается, что существовало аудио (на кассетах??) к Beginning Chinese Reader.

This second edition, like the earlier first edition, introduces some of the main varieties of Chinese as found before and after the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949. While continuing to stress the basic importance of the traditional usages, such as the regular characters to be found in all materials published before the adoption of the simplified forms in 1956 and still in use in some areas, the present revision goes further in contrasting variant usages and in providing additional material relevent to the PRC.

The basic beginning reader. Salient features of all the readers include: (1) characters selected on basis of frequency; (2) provision of large number of compounds and a large amount of reading material; (3) inclusion of dialogue and narrative materials; (4) closely correlated with the transcription series and the characer versions of the transcription series. (5) presents material in traditional characters as well as simplified characters. Introduces 400 characters.
Excellent book to learn how to read Chinese characters. The excellence stems from several features: 1) the emphasis on combinations rather than characters alone - during every lesson you learn about ten characters but many more words (combinations of two or more characters); 2) large size of the characters - very, very useful for the beginner; 3) systematic repetition -- characters from one lesson are used in the following lessons in a systematic way that helps to build and keep your vocabulary. I can't think of any other book available on Amazon that shares these features. If you get the book, I suggest you buy both volumes together because the appendices with stroke order and simplified characters are at the end of the second volume.

Never read this, but this is how my father learned Chinese. He highly recommends it for anyone interested in learning to read Chinese.

DeFrancis' Hanzi readers teaches 1200 traditional characters by character frequency, divided into six books.

Despite many of the reading passages being very outdated (1977!), I think DeFrancis is a good approach to increasing literacy. It's strange no one's published more updated readers using the same approach. I guess it takes too much work. (Or are there and I just haven't found them?)

The passages being outdated means you learn some, um, *really* useful vocabulary in the process, like 原子 (yuan2zi3, atom) and 原子能 (yuan2zi3neng2, atomic energy) in one of the early lessons!

The "DeFrancis series" (красным выделено то, чего еще нет на трекере)
. 2nd revised edition, 1976. ISBN 0-300-02058-9.
Character Text for Beginning Chinese (1964). 2nd edition, 1976. ISBN 0-300-02059-7.
Beginning Chinese Reader (Parts I -эта раздача and II) (1966) ISBN 0-300-02060-0.
Intermediate Chinese (1964) ISBN 0-300-00064-2.
Character Text for Intermediate Chinese (1965) ISBN 0-300-00062-6.
Intermediate Chinese Reader (Parts I and II) (1967) Part 1: ISBN 0-300-00065-0. Part 2: ISBN 0-300-00066-9.
Advanced Chinese (1966) ISBN 0-300-00056-1.
Character Text for Advanced Chinese (1966) ISBN 0-300-00063-4.
Advanced Chinese Reader (1968) ISBN 0-300-01083-4.
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